Krip's Foundation

Inauguration on 16/12/2007 held at Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune 

In photo from left Chief Guest: Mr. Sham Agarwal, Editor Aaj Ka Anand Pune 
Mr. Ashok Shaw lightening the lamp, Mr. Rahtekar, Mr. Pherwani, Mr. Vijay Agarwal, Director Wonder Cars Pune who has precided the function.

There is no doubt that the best place for the disabled to grow up is in their own family. The alternative of setting up large-scale facilities, attempted by western countries for about a century, has proved to be a big and costly blunder. On the other hand, one issue that is major source of worry for parents is the possibility that their disabled child may outlive them. The question that what will happen to my son/daughter after we are no more "Keeps bothering them as they and their child grow older. The support of extended families and transfer of care to the siblings, which were common earlier, may not be possible in current and future scenario. Also families commonly face the problem of making temporary arrangements for care outside the family in times of crisis, family function, journeys and other situation. There are families in very difficult circumstances, for whom providing care for their disabled member become difficult. Even the families who have a high commitment and who are taking good care of their affected member feel the need to be relieved of stress of care. 

The Krips Foundation is a registered NGO under the Bombay Public Trust act 1950 reg. no. E-4275 and the Indian Society's registration act 1860. All donations / contributions made to the Krips Foundation offer an income tax benefit under section 80G of the IITA. 80G exemption no. Pn/CIT-I/12A(a)/80G/274/2005-06/3864 dt 02/01/2006.