Our Management Team

“Born on 11th of May. He is a successful businessman having various businesses of electric materials and also a reputed builder of Pune. He is thorough gentleman and kindhearted person and also has very good organizing skills.”

Mr. Manohar Pherwani

“Mr. I.L. Kripalani is a businessman and also a parent of spastic child. Fortunately his child’s IQ is normal, but he is on wheelchair.┬áThe best people who can understand the plight of parents with a mentally challenged child are other parent’s who have gone through similar experiences. When many such parents come together, they can work as group for much tangible benefit for themselves as well as their children.”

Mr. Ishwar Kriplani

“Is one of the biggest engine part dealers. He is very generous and a kind person.”

Mr. Ashok Shaw
Vice – President

“Is dynamic person, having number of activities. He own’s a “Tuphen” glass factory at yavat. He is also a successful builder, promoter and wholesale glass dealer in Pune. He belongs to Jain Community and very helpful, kind and a generous person.”

Mr. Bharat Nagori

“Is herself a parent of a child. She was principal of a renowned school St. Mira’s English Medium school for last 18 years. She is very soft spoken, sincere, helpful in nature. She is very co-operative, sensitive and understanding person.”

Mrs. Meena Kriplani

“Born on 29th December 1947. He is one of the leading architects of Pune. He is associated with Council of Architecture New Delhi and Indian institute of Architecture PMC Pune. Designed Cipla Foundation building, Marie Gold Kalyaninagar”

Mr. Chandrakishor Rahatekar
Ex – President